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Bonus Round 0

Banners for Team AsaNoya

Bonus Round 1

Christophe/Phichit; "Phichit is the social media guru of the ISU and is following Christophe around for the ISU's Twitter page for a day."

Asahi/Daichi/Suga - Daichi and Suga are the angel and devil on Asahi's shoulders.

Tsukishima Kei & Tsukishima Akiteru, bg Tsukishima Akiteru/Tanaka Saeko - Akiteru and Saeko have a child, and Kei is stuck in the worst [best] blended family.

JJ & Otabek - The everyone-is-friends-with-JJ AU.

Viktor/Yuuri - Sailor Moon AU

Kageyama/Yachi/Hinata - Karasuno High School Host Club AU

Michele<>Emil<>Sara + Emil is a Robot [TW: Body Horror]

Phichit/Celestino + Royalty AU

Daichi/Suga + Single Father and Pediatrician AU

Kuramochi/Kominato + 7-Eleven AU

Bonus Round 2

Yuri/Otabek + "you just picked up a baby/puppy/kitten and suddenly i want to kiss your face off"

Miyuki/Kuramochi + "love love love"

Hanamaki/Matsukawa + "traced against bare skin"

Asahi/Nishinoya + "umbrella sharing"

Kageyama Tobio & Tsukishima Kei & Hinata Shoyou & Yamaguchi Tadashi & Yachi Hitoka + "movie night"

Yuuri/Viktor + "your cheeks when i first told you i loved you out loud"

Miyuki/Kuramochi + "as i romanticize what might have been if i hadn't sized him up so quickly"

Sawamura Eijun/Kominato Haruichi + "it reminded me of you"

Kageyama/Hinata + "somteim i scared (cats; clean windos). the world scary to a small bird. but when someoene tell me they loaf me it make me feel big and huge."

Bonus Round 3

Takigawa Chris Yuu/Sawamura Eijun + Helpless/That Would Be Enough/Best of Wives and Best of Women

Asahi/Daichi/Suga + Dixon's Girl/Alibi/Hallelujah

fem!Viktor/fem!Yuuri + Come and Get It/Hips Don't Lie/This is What You Came For

Azumane Asahi/Sugawara Koushi + Little Talks/Silhouettes/Your Bones

Bonus Round 4

Miyuki/Kuramochi + "You have to understand/I was not a good home. Not yet..."

Phichit Chulanont/Celestino Cialdini + "Who do you want to come home to every night? Who do you want to see when you open your door?"

Viktor/Yuuri + "Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing; a confusion of the real with the ideal never goes unpunished."

Yakov & Lilia + "Love - a dangerous disease instantly cured by marriage."

Bonus Round 5

Kataoka Tesshin & Miyuki Kazuya + Miyuki in the coaches' lounge with a cigarette

Suga/Asahi + Asahi in the club room after graduation with Sugawara's second button.

Otabek/Yuri + Otabek in Yuri's bed with Pyocha

Hinata/Tsukishima + Hinata in the gym or clubroom with a handmade MVP medal

Phichit & Otabek + Phichit at Disney World with cotton candy.

Eijun/Haruichi + Eijun in the maternity section with a bag of flour.

Bonus Round 7

Asahi/Noya + "nightbird, n.: You're asleep but I am still flying through the room, a mind of restless wings."

Tsukishima/Yamaguchi + "first encounter doesn't mean first kiss, it means se-"

Otabek/Yuri + "Babies are Stupid"
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Bonus Round 1

Phichit/Yuuri - performing arts school AU
Takigawa Chris Yuu/Christophe Giacometti - Chris Yuu as Mystery Boyfriend
Rei/Nagisa - genderswap!AU using each other's makeup
Phichit/Emil - secret relationship AU
Otabek/Yuri + Muslim!Otabek during Ramadan
Phichit/Emil + Soulmates!AU

Bonus Round 2

Phichit/Yuuri + Carly Rae Jepsen
Rei/Bokuto + College AU
Yuuri/Viktor/Chris/Phichit + "Perks of Being a Wallflower"

Bonus Round 3


Bonus Round 4

Phichit/Emil + "You have to be odd to be number one."
Viktor/Yuuri(/Christophe) + "You cannot save people. You can only love them."
Rin/Rei + "The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you when you weren’t very lovable."
Otabek/Yuri + "When someone is crying, of course, the noble thing to do is to comfort them. But if someone is trying to hide their tears, it may also be noble to pretend you do not notice them."
Miyuki/Kuramochi OR Ryousuke/Kuramochi OR Miyuki/Sawamura + "Whisper a dangerous secret to someone you care about. Now they have the power to destroy you, but they won’t. This is what love is."
Yuuri/Phichit + ""so, here you are/too foreign for home/too foreign for here/never enough for both."
Karasuno Second Years OR Hinata/Kageyama + "shut up is why."

Bonus Round 5

Daichi/Asahi + Daichi in the kitchen with the baby.
Phichit/Emil + Emil in the ballroom of the Barcelona GPF banquet with the bright yellow flowers.
Phichit/Yuuri + Viktor in Yuuri's bedroom with Phichit's college scrapbook.
Otabek/Yuri + Otabek at the park with his toddler niece.
Suga/Asahi + Suga in the locker room with a scrunchie.
Viktor/Yuuri + Viktor (and optionally Yuuri) in the nursery with the IKEA SUNDVIK crib.
Bokuto/Rei + Bokuto in the library with the stuffed owl.

Bonus Round 7

Otabek/Yuri + "Otabek tries "practicing" confessing to Yuri by telling him how he feel in Kazakh; Yuri has secretly been studying Kazakh to surprise Otabek."
Phichit/Emil(/Christophe) + "Knowing that he loves extreme sports, Phichit (with help from Christophe) decides to secretly submit an audition video on his boyfriend Emil's behalf to Ninja Warrior."
Phichit/Emil + "Soulmate AU" based on BR1 prompt
Mihashi Ren & Hinata Shouyou + long lost twins
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Dear Chocolate Box Creator,

I realize that you probably didn't sign up to write specifically for me, but I am still over the moon with gratitude that you'll be taking on my requests and creating a fill for me, so that you ^infinity.

The first fandom I put a request in for is Yuri!!! on Ice. My favorite characters are Yuuri, Viktor, Phichit, Christophe, Yuri, Otabek, JJ... I honestly love all the skaters and coaches too, but a fic focused on one or more of these characters would be loved. In terms of pairings, of course I ship Viktuuri, but I would be much more interested in seeing some minor/crack pairing love: Phichit/Yuuri, Chris/Viktor, Yuri/Otabek, Sara/Emil/Michele...

I just want to note that episode 10, specifically drunk!Yuuri's behaviors and especially the fact that he didn't remember them but they would have humiliated him, made me super uncomfortable, so please don't write anything involving Yuuri and alcohol, or make jokes at the expense of that scene, unless you're going to have Yuuri talk about his feelings and work them out in a healthy way. Also, if you're going to write Viktuuri, please do not say that party is the moment Viktor "fell in love" with Yuuri, please please.

The second fandom I requested is Haikyuu!!. My favorite characters are Asahi, Nishinoya, Bokuto, the Karasuno 3rd years, and then the rest of Karasuno. I have a very strong team bias towards Karasuno. My favorite ships are Asahi/Daichi, Asahi/Nishinoya, Asahi/Suga, Daichi/Asahi/Suga, basically any Asahi pairing, and Bokuto/Akaashi. But again, I don't mind exploration of minor pairings!

The third fandom is Osomatsu-san. My favorites are Karamatsu and Ichimatsu, I don't mind any BLmatsu, and in general, what I really want for this fandom specifically is brotherly bonding fic, which is sadly quite rare on AO3. Fics that mirror the tone of the show's simpler sketches, when they're all in the house and giving each other a hard time, when they're conspiring together to bring someone down, those are the ones I love best. For instance, the sketch where Matsuyo is only going to keep 3 of her sons as dependents, and the brothers all have to plead their cases, or the sketch where the other five brothers look through their photos, trying to figure out when it was that Jyushimatsu became so "different" are two of my favorites, if not my top 2.

The fourth fandom is Mystic Messenger. I specifically adore fluff and romance-based fics for this series, and my favorite boys are the Deep Route ones. So MC/707, MC/Jumin, and post canon MC/Saeran are all love! But I also love shenanigans where the entire RFA is trying to enjoy something together and failing because their personalities clash so terribly, complete with total and utter crack scenarios. I don't mind OC children, I love fics where characters are parents so that would totally warm my heart too. Basically I just want more good content for this fandom!

FOR ALL FANDOMS: I love polyamory. If you want to write OT3s or foursomes/moresomes, that is more than okay with me; I love the dynamic of multiple partners in a relationship. Or gen fic! Even if the relationship is more than platonic in canon, it would be super nice to see the less romantic, more playful and friendly aspects of these relationships. Or, if the characters are friends, I want to see all the things they get up to unique to them and their relationship. I love AUs, especially "realistic" ones, like highschool/college AUs. As far as AUs go the only ones I don't like are heavily Sci-Fi based ones, or ones with a lot of violence/gore.

That's about it! Thank you so much for reading through all of this long letter, and for the fanwork you're working so hard on!

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- Participate in SASO!
- Read/Write Fanfiction
- Look at/Make Art
- Talk to friends
- Do my best to dedicate some time every day to getting back in touch with my faith.

- Read, Write, Draw, or Look at anything sexual/NSFW
- Eat or Drink anything from sunrise until sunset everyday
- RP sexual situations

If we're friends and you notice I'm not commenting on your fics like I used to, don't take it personally! If they are M or E rated fics I'll be bookmarking them to read when Ramadan ends.

The ban on all NSFW content is a little more personal than it is scripture; sex is banned during the day but it's technically okay during moonlit hours -- I am just trying to exercise my self-control. And I was able to do it last year so I want to meet that goal again.

Ramadan is expected to start on June 6th and end on July 5th.
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When you're the captain, it's your job to hold the team up; Daichi lives by this simple tenet as readily as he breathes. There is no room in his mind for shades of grey, for second guesses, or for doubts. He knows those are the cracks in through which insecurities start to seep. And he's lucky, to have the determination to back that. Asahi looks at Daichi, who is smaller than he is, and envies his strength nonetheless.

Asahi spends a lot of time looking at Daichi, and not all of it is in comparison to himself. He sees little of himself that's like Daichi, after all, and that's a good thing: the team probably doesn't need two Daichis, and it definitely doesn't need two of him.

That's why he can't help but wish it was him who was hurt against Wakunan. It's a useless thing to wish, because the match is over, and they've won; Daichi isn't even hurt, beyond the missing tooth and the bruise consuming his cheek. And he's so proud of the tooth thing, too, probably, because his smile is wide enough to show off the gap where it used to be. The more Asahi looks, the more he feels like their roles have been swapped. Daichi is the fragile one. He's the one being relied on. (Except not even, because it was Ennoshita who stepped up. He's going to be a good captain, even though he's never going to be Daichi).

Asahi knows better than to voice any of these gut churning thoughts, especially not before their next match, but apparently Daichi also knows better. He punches Asahi solidly in the gut as they're headed down to warm up, letting the rest of the team rush on ahead of them .

“Whatever you're thinking about, it stops now,” he commands, his voice firm and steady. “The team needs you in fighting form, Ace.”

“Maybe,” Asahi agrees reluctantly, his voice trailing off. He doesn't tack on the rest of the thought, 'Not as much as we need you.' “It's just all hitting me now, I guess. During the match I didn't have time to worry, so now...”

His hands start shaking, and it belatedly strikes him how scared he was, watching Daichi go down, his too-big hands entirely powerless.

Daichi's touch is firm on his cheek, but it's heavy with affection. “Asahi, I'm right here,” he reminds him. There's a poorly suppressed laugh in his voice. “Only you would cry over someone after you've seen they're okay.”

'You're not okay,' Asahi thinks, eyeing the mottled skin of his cheek. He hates that Daichi is right about the crying, when he realizes his eyes are burning. With a heavy sigh, Asahi tilts his head down, presses his lips firm to Daichi's forehead. He keeps them there, tastes the salt of Daichi's skin, feels the few small bumps from old acne scars.

Daichi laughs unhindered this time. “Karasuno would lose all respect if the other teams found out our ace was such a marshmallow,” he murmurs, hugging Asahi tightly nonetheless. Asahi pulls away from the kiss before he would have liked to, when the reminder that they were in public makes him feel anxious, but Daichi gives an extra squeeze before letting him go.

“Are you better now?” Daichi asks, and Asahi feels the Earth's axis tip back in the right direction. He is the one being looked after; all things are as they should be. “Ready for the next match?”

“Ready, Captain.”
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Daichi assumed that Suga must've become restless in the three minutes it took him to use the bathroom, because when he got back to his bedroom, he'd already pulled himself into Asahi's lap and started kissing him delicately. He tried to make as little noise as possible, closing the door just enough behind him to keep them out of sight should his parents pass by, and watched his boyfriend's warm up to each other.

Suga had an arm thrown around Asahi's neck, and Daichi assumed the other was stroking his beard, as Suga was wont to doing. Both of Asahi's hands disappeared around Suga's waist, and he was making tiny humming noises that were going right to Daichi's stomach.

An idea formed in his mind, and Daichi crept slowly over to them, having the advantage of knowing his room and where to press that the floor wouldn't creak. When he did reach his boyfriends, they were almost too wrapped up in each other to notice; Suga's eye cracked open and he saw Daichi over Asahi's shoulder, too late to do or say anything. Daichi brought his hands to either of Asahi's sides, pressed his fingers in the soft space beneath his ribs, and tickled him.

Asahi squeaked, his mouth still melded with Suga's for the split second before he pulled away and laughed helplessly. “D-Dai! Chi!”

Suga giggled and slid back, his knees on the carpeted floor. “So this is what Daichi's jealousy drives him to!”

“H-how evil!” Asahi gasped as he finally swatted Daichi's hands away.

“Well, don't wait for me to leave next time you want to kiss.”

“So you were jealous,” Suga said deviously. He laughed again, and pressed open mouthed kisses to Daichi's neck.

“We weren't trying to leave you out,” Asahi explained, as though Daichi could actually believe that was in the case. Together, Asahi's sincerity and the ticklish brush of Suga's lips on his skin had Daichi laughing too, leaning his weight on Asahi's broad chest. Suga followed with his stream of kisses, moving up to Daichi's cheeks.

When Asahi recovered from the shift in balance, he chuckled and left kisses of his own on Daichi's temple. Four sets of fingers found Daichi's chest, and though he wasn't ticklish, he giggled at the sensation of lips on his face and hands dancing over his shirt nonetheless. He squirmed in their hold, but there was nowhere to go with Suga and Asahi sandwiching him. It was easiest, in the end, to grab Suga's face by the cheeks and pull him up for a proper kiss. And then to do the same for Asahi, when his laughter turned into happy humming at the sight of them.
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It was a generally a good indication of Rin's irritation when he barrelled into their dorm room and started throwing things around; Rei, perhaps not having learned his lesson, turned with his chair and looked up from his book with an eyebrow raised well above the frame of his glasses.

“Good afternoon, Rin,” he hazarded, taking in the sight of his stiff, seething boyfriend, and the backpack that had ricocheted off the wall and spilled its contents all over Rin's bed. In the back of his mind, he wondered if he didn't have a death wish, or at least a wish to fail his biology midterm. Engaging with Rin when he was like this pretty much meant the loss of his evening to soothing his boyfriend's temper. “I take it practice didn't go well?”

“Didn't go well,” Rin spat under his breath as he toed his sneakers off, then kicked them into the shared nightstand. “Fuckin' coach can kiss my ass, is how it went!”

Rei clicked his tongue and put the book down with some resignation. He wouldn't have been able to focus with Rin like this, anyways. “And here I was under the impression that privilege was already spoken for.”

For the first time that afternoon, Rin met Rei's gaze; his eyes were blazing, but his lips were drawn tight. “Don't say cute shit like that when I'm trying to be pissed off, Rei. He called me out in the middle of practice for slacking off! He said I lost muscle tone!”

“And I'm sure Gou-san will have words for him when she finds out,” Rei responded smoothly, getting out of his seat and squeezing Rin's tense shoulders. “We both know you work harder than anyone else he trains. And I'm sure he knows it as well. He likely just wants to push you to be stronger.”

“Oh, I'll get stronger alright,” Rin muttered under his breath, his words coming out hot against Rei's neck. “Strong enough to punch his fucking nose in--

Rei sighed and pressed his lips to the sharp line of Rin's jaw. His finger came up over Rin's lips, and after giving his cheek a few firm kisses, he pulled back.

“Honestly, Rin, are you sure you don't do this for the attention? I don't remember you letting people get under your skin this way in high school.”

Rin twisted his mouth under Rei's finger, and then swatted his hand away. “Even if I was,” he finally sighed, “could you blame me? It works on you every time, right?”

“You're terrible,” Rei said flatly. “Getting all worked up that way, making me worry...”

Rin brushed their noses together, and their foreheads bumped affectionately. “So you admit to worrying about me?” His voice was low and drove a shiver through Rei's chest.

“It's hard not to. You're reckless, and headstrong, and competitive...”

“And you think all of that is sexy as fuck, don't you, Speedo Megane?”

Rei squeaked, and pressed his tongue into Rin's mouth before it could become a laugh.
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my name's rose. i'm 23, and right now haikyuu!! is my current fandom (notable past fandoms include free!, homestuck, and hetalia). i have been writing fic and rping since I was about 12, and i look forward to getting into it with all you guys, too!

find me online in other places!

zahhaked @ tumblr

haikyuutiie @ twitter

chromyrose @ ao3


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